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Saints Peter and Paul follows the curriculum standards outlined by the Office of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Grand Rapids. Click here to explore the standards.

The curriculum framework is structured to be comprehensive in scope. There are three parts: encounter, grow, and witness. Throughout students’ experiences in our Catholic schools, they are provided with intentional moments to encounter Jesus Christ through activities such as participating in Mass, receiving the sacraments, and acts of service. Students grow in their understanding of Church teaching in all subject areas, including a renewed rigor in their understanding of Catholic theology. They are also empowered to witness God’s love to the world. The three parts of the paradigm are not intended to be steps in a sequence, but an integrated framework throughout a student’s experience, rooted in the pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This paradigm leads the faithful into a life of discipleship.


From trunk-or-treat to Christmas parades, from Living Stations of the Cross to art for the auction, from serving our homebound parishioners to joining the community at Ionia Free Fair, our students have many ways to share their God-given talents. 

The extra good stuff knows no bounds at SS Peter & Paul Catholic school!

Extra good stuff

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